The Daylight War

The Daylight War  - Peter V. Brett

The third in a series that starts with The Warded Man and The Desert Spear, The Daylight War turns the story's focus to Krasia and its influence (and often dominance) over the Northern "greenlanders."  Weight bestowed to Inevera's backstory is welcomed to bring this character needed depth -- a benefit given many of Peter V. Brett's minor characters here -- as it is both the fuel and the challenge of the Demon Cycle series to butt cultures based on Western and Middle Eastern fantasies (though the Eastern basis here still seems to stem from a Westernized derivation).  Brett encourages familiarity without stereotype, and isn't afraid either to fill the novel with sex and sexuality, and widely differing gender roles.  The result is a series geared toward fantasy fans that also treats them like adults, an accomplishment in the genre.  Finally, the conclusion here comes at fans from the highest peak -- Brett knows how to make his readers sweat for the next installment.  If you've been with the series so far, you certainly can't stop now.