Requiem  - Lauren Oliver

Considering the number of loose ends Lauren Oliver had to tie in this conclusion to her Delirlium triology, the series finale is surprisingly satifying.  The resolution is enough to provide a sense of the genuine challenges that lie ahead for many of the primary characters, without Oliver attempting to create too unified an ending to make it feel forced or emotionally overwrought for the sake of conclusion.  And Requiem is no different than her other novels, as in each, the author finds ways to make characters stand out who in leser series might otherwise live only as genre-standards.  Why every young adult series needs to enage in a love triangle is beyond me, but in Requiem Oliver at least makes all the players' role seem sincere, and the choice for Lena genuinely troubling.  Taken as a whole, the Delirium trilogy offered a terrific experience:  enough emotion to propel an investment in the story, and a plot strong enough to give such an enjoyable cast a sttuggle worth their character.