Snow Snow Snow - Orhan Pamuk

There is no real reason to link Snow to [book:The Lovers of Algeria] or [book:The Swallows of Kabul], two Muslim-authored books I read earlier this year, other than a personal effort to understand better the religion our President seems to be at war against. But of these three novels, which all deal with the leaps in power given to Islamic fundamentalists over the past thirty years, Snow seems the most Western-feeling of the three. Maybe that’s a given for a novel about Turkey, the most Westernized of Mediterranean Muslim nations, and for a book whose author was awarded a prize from that most prestigious Western literary institution.What I liked about Snow was its Western feel, which seemed to allow me in a bit more (an attitude with political problems). The scope, too, is broad and detailed and full of interesting characters who are all perfectly understandable as individuals.When you read a book that is so obviously good, it seems silly to go on about it so much. So I’ll just say (until perhaps I can think of something more original to add) that I enjoyed getting into this author’s world, and will probably read more of it soon.