Foundling (Monster Blood Tattoo, Book 1)

Foundling  - D.M. Cornish This first novel in the Young Adult 'Monster Blood Tattoo' series starts slowly - almost too slowly for a new series - but picks up to a nice clip a few dozen pages in. By the end of it, young Rossamünd, fresh from Madam Opera's Estimable Marine Society For Foundling Boys And Girls, has made several new friends and a surprising number of enemies, all before starting his new position as a Lamplighter for the Half-Continent Empire.Remarkable about this series premiere are the supplements offered to flesh out Cornish's created world: There is a very extensive and elaborate glossary, numerous illustrations, and about a dozen area maps. All this, found even in the paperback version of the book, is enough for the most lore-crazed fan of Lord of The Rings, and the mix of European culture, imaginary beasts, and general steampunk weirdness offer some needed originality to the Potter-heavy universe of children’s publishing. Very enjoyable, with some surprising emotional revelations for characters major and minor, and a nice take on the idea of how a little cultural demonization can make monsters of us all.