Wake (Wake Series, Book 1)

Wake (Wake Series, Book 1) - Lisa McMann The light, spare prose in Wake takes getting used to, and while compulsively readable, doesn’t always match up to the weight if its subject matter, or the potential gravity in some of its characters. But Wake does create something different: a mix between the fantastic-premise-meets-teen set-up of books like [book:Twilight], and plot devices that will gather fans of Sixth Sense and Ghost Whisperer. However critical you want to be, there is no getting around that where Wake improves over similar books is in passing on 7/8ths of the over-extended romantic drama that bogs its better known predecessors down. You’re left with a lean, enjoyable, well-plotted drama, and a main character, Janie, who maintains a firmer grip on herself and her friendships.A pleasant surprise with this novel was its set-up for a sequel: not in the possibility, which seems nearly inevitable for YA fiction, but in the route taken to it, preparing the reader for a different sort of series. Twilight this is not, but Wake has an opportunity to send a few young readers toward the darker streets traveled by [author:Dennis Lehane] and [author:Patricia Cornwell], which is company, I think, of higher caliber.