Persuasion (Dover Thrift Editions)

Persuasion - Jane Austen For reasons I don’t understand, finishing Persuasion took me about a month longer than it should have, and I’m still not sure I wouldn’t be better served now by flipping to the front of the novel and starting again. Perhaps I was simply done in by being overly familiar with Pride and Prejudice and came from that story somehow unprepared for Persuasion’s richer, more complicated, and more honest story of a love long denied. That passion survives time and distance is true enough, but the truth to appreciate is the love “more tender, more tried, ... more justified in acting” once it has seen separation (and perhaps also the eager sway that so easily moves a new love) to an end. There is a story between Anne Elliot and Frederick Wentworth about creating from stifled passion a trust in the future, a truth that encompasses history; it is suggested in faith and may not need expression in detail, but it would be a story to cherish – as familiar as we all are with the failures that set two people apart at start.