Season of Migration to the North (New York Review Books Classics)

Season of Migration to the North - Denys Johnson-Davies, Ṭayyib Ṣāliḥ, Laila Lalami Season of Migration to the North is a complicated, twisting novel about -- at the most basic level -- sex, sexism, power, manipulation, vanity, and love. It’s also about admiration, perhaps undeserved but unquestioningly given, and is too a novel of political vengeance against individuals who are never aware of the reason they’re made to stand for their nations. There is a great deal to enjoy in Salih's novel, not the least of which is the language. I think those that enjoyed the more sexually blatant novel The Piano Teacher will find Season of Migration cerebral and mysterious and, much like its driving character, Mustafa Sa'eed, worthy of multiple readings and interpretations. A rare find and an excellent novel.