Twisted Tree

Twisted Tree - Kent Meyers The chapters of "Twisted Tree" connect – sometimes deeply, other times at a glance – to draw by absence the life of Hayley Jo Zimmerman, and reveal, beyond a horrific tale of abduction and murder, the reverberations, however intangible or slight, that one person's life can have on a community. With passages of understated depth and a painstakingly crafted delicacy of language, Meyers' South Dakota town becomes an almost mystic place, rich with history, failure, innuendo, and joy, with every resident delving inward to understand the irrationality of existence and to compose meaning from murder. Though many novels stitch together separate stories, "Twisted Tree" is so thoughtfully composed that the connection can be almost forgotten; when it comes, HayJay appears like a unsettled ghost over the narrative, bringing each piece and player into relief. The murdered girl is shaped here in shadows of understanding, yet remains startlingly present, vital, and, for the fleeting moment, alive.