The Ice Soldier: A Novel

The Ice Soldier: A Novel - Paul Watkins What I like best about these books is that they are what I imagine would have been great adventure novels to read as a boy. In each of Paul Watkins’ novels you're treated to violent but also romanticized stories from wars across the earth. The small characters are brought to life as much as the large ones, but none of the characters are ever overdrawn, and because of that you can place yourself easily into the story. The Ice Soldier is about mountaineering as much as it is the British army's mountaineer corps, and the story too is about personal redemption and what we perceive to be our personal successes and failures. After reading nearly everything else Watkins has written, I doubt I could find much poor to say about this one, so I claim no objectivity. The Ice Soldier tells a great story, suspenseful to the very end. It'll be a long wait until the next one.