Starting Out in the Evening

Starting Out in the Evening - Brian Morton

This second novel from author Brian Morton beautifully captures the lives of three New Yorkers at various stages of self discovery. Forgotten literary figure Leonard Schiller, his middle-aged daughter, and a young graduate student on love with Schiller's work are seemingly brought together for a curious exploration of Schiller's place among his peers, but the novel presents instead a touching and involved expression of the desires and pleasures that mark each character's age: young Heather Wolfe is adoring one moment and indignant the next; Ariel Schiller feels lost between her life's more significant moments; and the elder Schiller cannot decide if his career is over over of if it indeed had ever begun. The joy of this novel is in the truth of its reflections and the distinct passions each character is allowed. A wonderful book of genuine feeling, and devoid of the the false sympathies to which less able authors would have subscribed.