Silence of the Grave (Reykjavik Murder Mysteries, No. 2)

Silence of the Grave - Bernard Scudder, Arnaldur IndriĆ°ason Another well conceived, engagingly written mystery in which you are more concerned with learning the identity of the victim than you are the name of the killer. Or is it that the two, in this case, can't be separated so clearly? The only thing I think is lacking in Indridason's books (See [book:Jar City]) is a better sense of place: the use of Iceland as a genuine character. [author:Henning Mankell] and [author:Peter Hoeg] will give you a better feel for Nordic life, for example. Still, this is a very good mystery with sharp and interesting characters, and there is an excellent, ongoing sub-plot throughout the Inspector Erlendur novels.(I've definitely added Iceland on the shortlist of places to visit.)