Bitter Sweets

Bitter Sweets - Roopa Farooki The jacket comparisons of ‘Bitter Sweets’ to the works of Zadie Smith seem a bit bold (if not insane), but what Roopa Farooki lacks in literary scope she makes up in sincerity. Bitter Sweets is an enjoyable novel of light literature, ranking well above the typical romantic complications of Chick Lit but sadly a little shy of the familial realm found in ‘On Beauty.’The cast of characters — members of and lovers to the Karim family — are attentively crafted and written with great heart, and though readers are told where the story will go, the plot manages a few surprises.I enjoyed this novel, literary or not, and have already compiled a short list of friends to share it with. (This was, by the way, my free book through the Amazon Vine program. Ain’t nothing bitter about that!)