Little Bee: A Novel

Little Bee - Chris Cleave "Little Bee" is beautifully written, filled with lines and imagery to dogear and revisit. Two very powerful female leads -- Nigerian immigrant Little Bee and English professional Sarah Summers -- carry the novel, as their lives overlap amid a kind of violence that is hard for sheltered Westerners to imagine, in moments whose depth is obvious, but whose repercussions neither is able to predict. As Little Bee aptly puts it, "Horror in your country is something you take a dose of to remind yourself that you are not suffering from it."An excellent counterpoint to the current anti-immigration fervor, that will sadly escape (or intellectually outpace) the audience that needs to read it most.FYI, I first heard about this book from a former colleague, who also introduced me to this site. She is someone with reviews and recommendations to follow.