Who Fears Death

Who Fears Death - Nnedi Okorafor A fable that is both tragic and filled with fantasy – a spirit tree towering outside the entrance to a tent; a entire village turned blind; spider packs moving in glyphs to protect only the women -- Who Fears Death is thick with imagery in its otherworldly pilgrimage through an ever-present racism and sexism that plagues its near-barren East African setting. A bildungsroman submerged in damask-patterned sands, with complicated goals and characters full of purpose, the book is hard to describe, and pointless to pin, but brilliantly moves between our world and worlds less familiar to tell, or retell, a story of women from their flight as literally voiceless victims to embodying the channels of the oldest power. More fairy tale than futuristic, Who Fears Death is paced exceptionally well, and moves to its climax, its one version of a truth, with strength and the commitment bred of resignation and ideas of hope, future, change.