Doctor Who: The Glamour Chase

Doctor Who: The Glamour Chase - Gary Russell For what it is, The Glamour Chase is fairly entertaining. The beginning started surprisingly strongly, with some nice depth added to Rory's backstory -- which was undermined, sadly, in the bi-polar way in which he was praised then belittled, then praised again by those around him. The second half felt muddied, to me, and what was missing from this novel that the television show captures, I felt, is how well The Doctor engages those around him. In this novel that dialogue seemed perfunctory, though that may have been an attempt to capture Matt Smith's brilliant characterizations. There were a few lines that I had a hard time imagining the characters speaking, and far too many contemporary references to brand names and popular culture that pulled me out of the story each time they cropped up. The Glamour Chase is a good, brief escape overall, but less satisfying for having glimpsed some genuinely intriguing interactions buried beneath the tropes.