The Tourist

The Tourist - Olen Steinhauer An engaging if straightforward spy thriller focused more on domestic anti-terrorism agencies (including the here newly created Department of Homeland Security) than on any far reaching international plot. Tourist Milo Weaver's family serves as the novel's moral core, again making this a more introspective view of post-9/11 America than perhaps is obvious at first. Psychologically, the novel presents an American world view that is introspective to the point of isolationist, reflective while not looking too deeply for serious flaws, and so focused on ideals of family that they quickly overtake all other logistical concerns. The book is revealing in this way, but not necessarily aware of its own portrayal. Instead, the book provides easy thrills, the familiar tropes of spycraft, and a character that was literally created around George Clooney. There is no question that The Tourist entertains, but it doesn't reach high or far for its topical fruit.