The Summoner (Chronicles of the Necromancer, Book 1)

The Summoner - Gail Z. Martin An entertaining tale in need of a far better editor, The Summoner is full of duplicate phrases, simple verbs repeated in neighboring sentences, a couple of plot points reiterated word for word, and at least three minor foes defeated identically; that is, by being sliced from "shoulder to hip." Despite all this, and despite the feeling that, as another reviewer wrote, this reads like someone's weekend D&D campaign, the book manages to deliver a diverting story of traditional, subliminally rule-based fantasy. Only the schmaltzy ending turned me off, but for the inexpensive ebook price, and my being under the influence of a Level 1 Charm Person spell, I'll likely wander these lands again to discover just how good this not-so-great story might get.