Pirate State: Inside Somalia's Terrorism at Sea

Pirate State: Inside Somalia's Terrorism at Sea - Peter Eichstaedt In this extended piece of informative journalism, author Eichstaedt interviews a variety of those affected and entranced by piracy, from Somali nationals who are active or retired pirates, to international officials charged with piracy's control, if not eradication, to industry-hired security officials seeking non-violent resolutions to kidnapping scenarios, to Somali refugees in Kenya seeking an escape from a country that seems, at its best, unmanaged and, at worst, out-of-control. The author finds several legitimate roots to piracy, from Yemen-led overfishing of the Gulf of Aden, to the more surprising use of Somali waters as international dumping grounds for toxic waste, decimating the economic opportunities for a nation dependent on the sea. This is a thorough, non-judgmental approach to the issue that finds a surprising amount of legitimate complaints to compile with the more obvious arguments made by those seeking fortune in a country that offers little in the way of long-term stability. An approachable and fascinating investigation of the issue, and of those whose lives are defined by it.