Doctor Who: Way through the Woods (Dr. Who)

Doctor Who: The Way Through the Woods - Una McCormack If you judge by the spin-off novels, Rory Williams seems to be a more popular character these days than either Amy Pond or the program's namesake. The latter two are fairly well characterized in "The Way Through The Woods" (except for a couple jarring and completely out-of-character pop culture references about role-playing games and the like), but Rory's clueless everyman is so easy to imitate (and offers such a better vantage than does The Doctor or a TARDIS-savvy Amy), authors apparently all want to have a go with him. You also notice pretty soon that however well written, The Doctor as a character is hardly present here. What keeps the novel afloat then is it's use of the conventions of time-travel: jumping into segments of a non-sequential story midstream, keeping the reader just out of pace with events, etc. Despite the nitpicking, this was a simply plotted but well told tale that you could imagine working as a show, and it's better than many of the episodes from the early days (faint praise here!). If you're a fan, it's worth the cost of admission.