Madame Xanadu: Disenchanted

Madame Xanadu, Vol. 1: Disenchanted - Matt Wagner, Amy Reeder, Richard Friend

More fine artwork from Amy Reeder Hadley, this time paired with an excellent story from Matt Wagner.  Spanning distances from Arthur's England to Marco Polo's Asia to, of course, some spectral Nowhere, the narrative tells of the exile of a forest nymph and her dealings across eras with someone known only as The Stranger.  A few notable appearances from the pre-hero DC universe appear, but thankfully the story isn't ruined in an effort to fit that agenda.


Wagner's characterizations allow for complexity and honest emotion, which is always a treat in the graphic novel genre.  


Madame Xanadu & The Stranger


Apparently the next volume does without Amy Reeder's art -- a huge disappointment -- but the story is worth following further.