Fool's Gold, volume 1

Fool's Gold Volume 1 - Amy Reeder

In pursuit of more Amy Reeder illustrations came this first part of the two-part manga series written and illustrated by Amy Reeder Hadley.  The premise empowers young women to turn away from the young men who treat them or other girls poorly and instead find those uncut gems among their high school class.  Elements of the story give off a bit of a Pride & Prejudice vibe.  This is among Reeder's earliest artwork, so it's nice to see how far her skills have come in a few short years.  I may not be the ideal demographic for this story, but I liked it's message, the maintenance of some conflict even within a band of like-minded friends, and Reeder's sense of design and fashion as brought through her lead, Penny.  Worth a read if you enjoy the genre or want to see more stories centering on women's empowerment.