The Wild Geese

The Wild Geese - Daniel Carney As with many Japanese novels, The Wild Geese is as much about what is not made explicit as what is. In this case, the story centers on unrequited love (and its mirror reverse, engendered deceit): between a moneylender, Suezo, and his kept girl, Otama; between Otama and a local university student; and, somewhat oddly, between Otama and her father. Where there is the implication of a relationship, it is done cleverly enough as to make you question the truth of it. As with many modern films from Japan (The Wild Geese was serialized from 1911-1913), The Wild Geese ends on a well-crafted note that quickly and brilliantly undermines the natural trust we give the narrative voice. Ultimately, there is no innocence maintained in The Wild Geese; only the muted reverberations of consequence resulting from inaction, station, and duplicity.