Wake - Lisa McMann This sequel to McMann's young adult novel "Wake" improves on the former with more focused prose and more attention given to the budding romance between "dream catcher" Janie and her narc-in-hiding boyfriend, Cabel. If there's a third wheel to this relationship, it's the couple's employer, Police Captain Fran Komisky, who serves on occasion as surrogate parental figure and relationship counselor, providing all the well intentioned tough-love you can stand.The plot itself is fairly uncomplicated but, as with many police novels, only half the enjoyment comes from solving a crime; most readers stick with a series to follow the progress (or decline) of the central characters, and again this is where McMann's novel excels. It has an interesting premise, with sympathetic (if typically dysfunctional) central characters, and the stories are set cleverly amid the emotional turbulence and self-discovery of adolescence.If there's anything to wish for with this new series, it would be to expand the net of experiences and characters. The life and crimes of Fieldridge High are entertaining, but McMann has created a cast that could easily swim in larger seas, and, while they're out there, go up against some better sharks.