Marked - Kristin Cast, P.C. Cast

Compared to the first book Twilight series, Marked, seems worlds more realistic for a book that is still ultimately about teen-aged vampyres and the more commonly known life of school-related dramas. Rather than push an unknowable relationship between two questionably motivated people, this book by the mother and daughter team of Casts, uses friendship and trust as harbors for its central development, emphasizing the importance of one's chosen family over those to whom we and bound by birth or circumstance. This book is also much more realistic about the physical desires of teens (and vampyres, I suppose), isn't afraid to talk about blow jobs and homosexuality, and is generally all the better for it -- again, as far as books about teen-aged vampyres go. An enjoyable start to a rapidly growing series, I don't know if I'll read more than Marked, but I didn't mind getting through this one.