The Predicteds

The Predicteds - Christine Seifert Balancing superior characters with a just-short of sci-fi plot, Predicteds is highly recommended for YA readers seeking strong and sympathetic female characters, realistically complicated and quirky adults, and for an honest portrayal of the complications, truces, and stop-and-start relationships that teenagers suffer through the years in which they come to learn themselves better. Most admirable is Seifert's characterization of central character Daphne as self-reliant and strong willed, yet wholly believable as a young woman who can fall for a boy without either sacrificing her integrity or belittling the equally as complicated emotions of her would-be partner. Similarly, Daphne's friends throughout the story move realistically across the spectrum of young adult friendships: sometimes Daphne and Dizzy are inseparable and others completely at ends. Yet natural interactions like these across the book never take a turn toward the unbelievable or overly dramatic. Seifert seems on the verge of finding in future novels the opportunity to explore even more complicated themes with equally as thoughtful characters. I very much enjoyed this book.