Loss (Riders of the Apocalypse)

Loss - Jackie Morse Kessler This third novel in the Horsemen series feels, in places, as strong in character and message as the first and best of the group, Hunger. William Ballard's struggles against bullying, and later with the reins of his powers as Pestilence, are vivid moments that give the book its structure and weight, and reveal best the influences of the X-Factor comic books that author Kessler had written that she had loved. But the Alzheimer's subplot, dream-like sequences written /in the White/, and a passing introduction to Robin Hood scatter the story's focus while lacking enough weight individually to feel essential. The result is an uneven book that reminds us what made Hunger such a gripping read, and Rage an excellent follow-up. Here's hoping the last and perhaps most important novel of the series -- on Death -- finds its center quickly and keeps its form throughout.