The Last Unicorn

The Last Unicorn - Ray Dillon, Peter S. Beagle, Peter Gillis, Renae De Liz Written with gentle wit and a deceptively straightforward presentation, The Last Unicorn creates a complex and completely believable world that combines familiar fairy tale mythologies with a contemporary shrewdness that somehow manages to avoid being too clever, too garrulous, or too slyly modern for its own good – something no other fantasy novel, however well known, seems to have accomplished. As a result, The Last Unicorn is unlike any fantasy novel that I’ve read, and the supplemental story, Two Hearts (found at the end of this volume), is perhaps even more rewarding for its earnestness toward expressing the complicated forms, and difficult magic, of love and duality. Where most fantasy stories rely on a false patina of invented language and overblown nobility, the contemporary glaze that colors The Last Unicorn is more believable because it abandons any veiling pretensions for what proves to be a richer, simpler truth. Love is abundant in The Last Unicorn; this is a book to share with a similar heart.